June 11, 2010

Welcome back.

See those feet down there, a little bit beyond the end of this post? You know, the ones that are slightly dirty and shot from a funny angle; my silly, beautiful, hard-working feet? Why, of course you have seen them--they have been there for for nearly a year now. ONE YEAR! You must have tired of looking at them, even if they ARE pretty feet. I know that I did, secretly hoping every time I dropped by for a peek that I would see something, ANYTHING but those toes stolidly standing their ground. But my dear, that would actually require you to POST something, wouldn't it?

My, where did the time go?

If there were more than five of you who actually read my blog, an apology would be in order; I did not intend to keep silent for such a long time (and I know you were all just distraught, clinging to the edge of your seat for the next installment of my life saga)*. Really, I am sorry I didn't tell you about my trip to Prince Edward Island (sunny, sandy, quaint and beautiful), my new job (perfect for now, even if it IS a science job), or my new home (cozy, warm, full of love). I'm sorry I didn't show you pictures of summer adventures, fall colors, the first snowfall of the year (though you can see some of that stuff on my Flickr page). Spring was pretty awesome, even if my first trip out of North America started kind of late; and summer? I am rocking it already. But, this is MY blog, and nobody really reads it anyway so I am not going to apologize. Deal with it.

That being said, I am sure many of you know (or have guessed) by now, that all of this silence business I am dancing around wasn't because I rocked out for a week on an island with no internet or because I shimmied back into the world of pipettes and PCR machines. My tongue wasn't tied because I was busy creating delicious treats in my new kitchen, or because I was having a beer on the terrasse . To tell you the truth, I was silent because, well, TWO THOUSAND NINE FUCKING SUCKED. True story, in the totally kicked-down, dragged-out sense. Broken. Beaten. Struggling for air. I will not regale you with the details, but suffice it to say I was feeling less than chatty. I was feeling ANTI-chatty actually. No offense, but who wants to air that on their blog?**

Thats done now, though. Thank god.


So with that, I thought I would start slow, and post one of my favorite pictures from my trip to France. I really had the best time. I rode bikes around Paris, ate macarons from Pierre Herme while sipping Perrier on a terrasse. I stayed with lovely friends who took care of me in every way, showing me prehistoric cave paintings, crazy castle citadels, and the most beautiful little villages I have ever seen. I ate the most sublime meals and drank a ton of wine and met some of the kindest people in the world. I came away feeling truly blessed (okay, and a little bit bloated). I can't wait to go back.

So, hi. Hopefully I will be back more often, though don't blame me if I am not. Sometimes I find it better to life my life in the real world rather than reenact it here for you. But I do my best. Life is a practice, after all.

*That would be sarcasm, for any of you dry, narrow or German friends of mine.

**Even if there really ARE only 5 people reading.


Mo said...

"09 sucked for many, and 10 is not much better. Not even living up to it's reputation. So, hope you are being kind to yourself. I keep trying but it's challenging. Fall is in the air and I look forward to wood smoke, new crayons, and changes that are occurring...anything but the status quo.

W said...


after your feet left
i missed reading your bloggy
i waited for you

just now i read it
with wet tears in all my eyes
you touch me deeply

i want to hug you
and tell you everything's good
don't worry kiddo

but i know you're good
strong patient wazaninja
we will break bread soon