July 28, 2009

They work hard for me.

They work hard for me.

My feet work hard. As an Aikidoka and a woman without a car, these babies put up with a lot. Sometimes I forget how thankful I am to have a good, healthy body.

But it is not my feet that are working hard these days. My heart, my mind and my spirit have been putting in overtime, it seems. Explosive growth, yes. I am expanding to fill the spaces of the woman that I have always dreamed of being, and in fact, know that I am. She is there, unfurling new tendrils, little by little, stretching toward the light. I can feel it. It is there, just on the horizon...


Keren said...

i miss you... when will we live close together again?? i need your energy in my life.

Mo said...

Cute piggies. I kissed them so many times when you were tiny. I love and miss you too. the mom