September 9, 2008

Yawn. (oops!)


Looks like I am back on the wagon, at least for now. Four pictures posted today? That is absurd. I just needed a little cajoling to get my photo mojo back (thanks Gabe and Keren).

Miles is not snarling at me but taking a big, toothsome yawn as I was snapping his picture earlier today. I am beginning to feel like a kitty being unemployed...sleeping in late, lazy breakfast, a nap or two throughout the I have absolutely no excuse to get pictures taken! This time is truly a gift.

I guess since I haven't posted any updates for a while, some information is due. Montreal is fantastic. It really, really feels great to be rooted in one place for the time being instead of spreading myself out between two cities. Our house is awesome, and I have been doing a bunch of cooking (and some serious baking lined up for this week). The Marche Jean Talon is only a few short blocks from our place, and I can't tell you how luxurious it is to skip on over whenever the mood strikes me (usually 3 or 4 times a week) and feast my eyes and hands on plumbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, kohlrabi, fresh herbs, mushrooms, honey, eggs...sigh. I could get used to this. Sadly, I need to curb my food habit just a little so that I don't break the bank and have to leave Canada in a tearful fit of embarassment. Just a little, though. I really don't mind food being the largest expense of my household.

I do need to get my butt in gear on a couple of other fronts, though. I would like to get into some sort of French class while I have the time (if I can find one that doesn't cost a month's salary to join). I also am thinking about going back to school next fall and need to get some volunteer experience in (and, ick, get some recommendations feels like torture to call up old professors four years after I have graduated and ask them to spend their valuable time writing nice things about me. ARRRG). Yoga and swimming outlets need to be found soon and, of course, I need to keep taking more pictures. Sigh. There is lots to do when one has the time to do it. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I am training every day? (:

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