September 9, 2008

These Pickles are AWESOME.


And I made them! This is actually my second batch because (cough) we ate the first one in one sitting. Oh yum yum yum. These are from Fresh Everyday: More Great Recipes from Foster's Market by Sara Foster.

(By the way, does anyone know what the deal with posting recipes from someone else's cookbook? Do I have to get permission first, or can I just post it with a reference? I really want to share what I cook with you but don't want to be stepping on any feet either. Please advise).

(UPDATE: I did some research and found this post to be helpful. Please do not read it, though, if you want to feel good.)

(UPDATE number two: This is virtually the same recipe as the one I used. I did slice the first batch into rounds, but wanted to try making spears the second time around. The rounds were better, fyi)

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ChefNick said...


When was this post? (It doesn't say). Those look scrumptious . . . please see my version at

which are also eat-in-one-session delicious.

Which of your blogs is the most updated? I'll link to it