August 2, 2008

Random Wikipedia Concept of the Day: Bidet

Why? Because we have one in our bathroom and it has been kind of intriguing us/grossing us out at the same time. How are you supposed to use that thing? I am definitely one of the ones who was raised with the conception that they are totally nasty. I mean, a butt washing station? (Oh, excuse me, a butt and genital washing station?). Gross. Ick. Especially since people seem to think that they are also great for foot washing. Gag.

Okay. I totally understand that I am backwards to think that, um, wiping up a mess with paper is better than say, wiping up the mess and then washing the affected area, so to speak, its just that I grew up in a culture where toilets are totally full of germs. A bidet is not a toilet, but it looks like a toilet (or a urinal, to be more precise), and also has butt germs washed all over it. Not any place where I want to be submerging my nether-region.

Maybe one of these days I will work up the courage to use it, but for now it is going to remain unused, staring me in the face every single time I go in the bathroom. Thanks, Wikipedia, for reminding me that sometimes I really don't want to know everything about everything.

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Keren said...

i'm sure you'll come to your senses soon enough.