July 29, 2008

Pictures coming soon.

I do have some pictures to post, but as of now, 3 weeks into our new apartment arrangement, we still have no internet (except a janky connection from across the street). They soon will come. In the meantime, I thought I would give a Montreal update.

For the past week and a half, G.'s friend from San Diego has been staying with us, going on ridiculous adventures, eating too much food with us (though, I am sad to say, he nearly starved at our table on account of my vegetarian cookery and his aversion to all things resembling produce), training Aikido, and generally having a good time.

Sunday we went to Quebec city. Wow. I can't even describe how incredible that place is. Who knew that this existed in North America? Seriously. If you want to travel to Europe, but are wary of the *ahem* wimpiness of the American dollar, come here. I promise, it will be much cheaper and you WON'T be disappointed. We even have a spare room.

Now is a good time to come...this summer marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec, and they are partying it up up there. Fun. The whole town is decked out in colors, events, music, exhibits, etc. We saw an eco-gardening exhibit. Dance competition. Farmer's market. An outdoor interactive play. A clown singing opera. The changing of the guard at their citadel. Pictures to follow.

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