June 7, 2008

Can You Open the Screen, Please?

080606, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

It is officially summer. I barbecued with my neighbor last night and today it is way, way too hot. I am not ready for this. I have to fit into a bathing suit in a couple of weeks?? And what the hell? The humidity KILLED me last summer. Please don't make me go through that again.

Summertime means that the door gets left open more and more, and with that the kitties are CONSTANTLY begging me to let them out. You see, that stupid cardinal that I talked about a few months ago? He taunts Miles and Rosie too, and they would like nothing more than to go teach him a kitty lesson. Too bad the owners who had them before me decided that it would be a good idea to rip off their first knuckles so that they won't claw the furniture. Now they are doomed to kitty boredom inside the house forever. Or, at least until we have a farm. Poor babies.

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