May 7, 2008

Tango at Volver.

080503, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

Calling Natasha and Carolyn: there is a hip little Argentinian Cafe that opened up in Mile End a few months ago with your names written all over it. With beautiful, vibrant pinks and blues, mismatched vintage furniture, Mate, alfajores, empanadas, musical events and the sweetest Argentinian women working behind the counter, I could totally see the both of you dropping everything right now and coming up here to free bird it at this cafe. In Montreal. With me. Right now. (Um...please? Ok. What if I BEG you? How about now?)

No, seriously though...this place is awesome.

Gabe and I went on Saturday to watch a friend from Aikido sing some Tango and the place was packed. Everyone speaking Spanish mixed with French and English. My ears were buzzing and alive. We ate empanadas and cheesecake and drank Argentinian wine. The music was beautiful. The night was beautiful. Will you just come visit me already? Please?

(Oh, by the way...that invitation is open to EVERYONE. I just happen to be singling out C. and N. right now because Volver is right up their alley, since they both just got back from their ridiculous escapades in South America. Jerks. I'm SO jealous).

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