May 6, 2008

My Friday.

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This year has been filled with travel. I shudder to think of what my carbon footprint must be at the moment, but I have driven between Boston and Montreal almost every other weekend for the past year. I do what I can, but that much traveling is not only bad for the environment, but bad for the body and soul. My Fridays are spent waking up early, rushing around work to get everything done before I leave, then sitting in a car in shitty traffic for six or seven hours, sometimes with some really weird people (I often take rideshare from Craigslist). Needless to say, I usually arrive crabby, hungry and no fun to be around.

Have I mentioned that my boyfriend is a saint? (Saint Gabriel, it is true...) Oh man. He puts up with my bitching and post-travel histrionics every time, and always has plenty of kisses waiting for me (not to mention dinner, which at that hour is sorely needed). He lets me cry and get it all out, shed my Boston attire for my more comfortable Montreal skin, and generally just LET THAT SHIT GO. I know that I am a lucky girl. You can say it.

At first it was really fun to be whisked away to another country every couple of weeks, like some great adventure in Europe (without being in Europe) filled with bagels and pastry and fabulous cheese. We still do these things, and they still ARE fun, but long distance is tough on any relationship. It weakens the fibers somewhere, and damn it, I REFUSE to have this shirt go threadbare.

I am moving to Montreal.

I have (sort of) a plan. It does not involve Biotech companies or work permits or even a U-haul. I don't need those things right now. Really, I don't need much. I am getting rid of a lot of my stuff (so if you have had your eyes on anything of mine, stop by...we can work something out). I will travel light, and live on the cheap and train a lot of Aikido. Oh yeah, and get lots of kisses. Because, relationships need kisses. It is requisite.

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jim said...

Whoa, you're doing what now? Expatriating? That's crazy. But I hear Montreal is fantastic, especially in the summer.