April 18, 2008


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Tonight we babysit Karl and Laurance's cat, Sashimi. Beautiful, voluptuous girl...she is too fat to breath right though. It makes me a little sad.

It is nice to have a kitty around the Esplanade house. It makes me wonder what this place will be like with Miles and Rosie around. (I guess Miles is the only one that will count for a while, because I know Rosie will just freak out and hide for a couple of months. We many never see her again. Kidding).

I already got mad at myself for this project. I have seemed to misplace my (gabe's) little camera, and when I finally got to Montreal this evening, the big camera's batteries were about to die. Luckily I got off one or two shots before it retired for the evening. Dude. This is going to be hard.

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