April 17, 2008

17 APR 08--The First One.

17 APR 08
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I have been sitting on this for a while now, but today is the day that I get to share. I am about to embark on a crazy journey into uncharted territory (at least on my life map). The going will be rough, no doubt. I will probably laugh some. I know I will cry (I'm a baby like that). I will get angry with myself, be proud of myself and yes, there will be days that I want to quit.

Today I start the 365 Project.

Avoiding any sort of lengthy explanation, I will basically be taking (and posting) one photo a day for an entire year. This is a document of my life people. A way to chart my growth, mark the days mundane along with those adventurous. A way to improve my photo skills. But most importantly, a way to reconnect with myself and what is going on in my own head.

I chose todays picture for several reasons:

1) I took the picture today (kind of requisite for this thing).
2) My "real" camera was left at work and I just couldn't wait any longer. I have been taking photos for weeks now hoping each day that I could start. This picture was taken with the crappy web camera on my new computer.
2.5) because the photo is taken with a crappy camera, it will make it look like my photo taking skills are super awesome after I start posting "real" pictures.
3) I have new glasses.
4) I have a silly cut over my right eye that was acquired at a bar. In a fight. Just kidding (about the fight part, that is).
5) Really, I have been spending much more time on the computer lately now that I have "work" to do. So, I guess this photo is also a document on the next "computer age" of my life (and appropriately taken with a web camera).

I am excited to see where this thing goes. Hope you enjoy it too.

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