February 21, 2008

It is cold and I am uninspired.

Is anyone else suffering from the winter blahs? God. I was all enthusiasm right up until, say, the middle of January. Now I am barely existing above basic function mode (eat, sleep, blink once in a while, etc. etc.) and not dealing with stress very well. Retarded. Don't get me wrong...I love the winter...all snuggles and sweatshirts and good heavy food and snow and warm baths and waking up to my kitty monsters smothering me under the blankets. Wintertime is good. That being said, the stretch between President's day and Memorial day gets pretty long. I am ready for you, spring.

I am moving to Montreal...it is a plan now. Its looking like June, unless I get a job earlier. My secret ultimate wish is to be able to take the entire summer off and maybe go work on a farm on Prince Edward Island for a month or two. Oh, that would be nice. Real work with real people, breathing real air, touching real dirt under real sun. I miss the soil. Somewhere I lost it--the corporate world sucks you up every bit as much as they say it does. Wow. I want off this ride for a minute.

I have some plans for some alternatives...but first, Canada.


Jason said...

Hope all is good in Bawwston. Going to be a Canadian eh? Might as well, the Canadian Dollars are worth more than USD now. Don't forget to give us a holla when you come back to Reno.

cassi said...

Hey cousin.. I didn't know a blogging site like this existed... The things Im willing to let people read are ...well...boring.. so I think YOU have just found me a site where I can start an anonymous journal.I have wanted to have a journal but I didn't want anyone to find it... so here we go!

Its funny how you can help someone out and not even try to.

I love you!