February 15, 2007


Being unemployed is tiring sometimes.

Yesterday I witnessed my first batch of "NorEaster" New England weather. It snowed. It rained. And then it did some funky thing like a snow cone machine gently dumping its contents on your head. Little icy crystals fell from the sky, the gutters backed up, and the entire city of Boston turned into one slushy puddle that was knee deep at times.

Overnight this crazy slushy mess froze, creating a city-wide skating rink. I spent the day traipsing about, trying not to fall on my butt with each step. My heart skipped with every car that drove by, just hoping it wouldn't spin out of control and careen in my direction. Luckily, it didn't.

I trained Aikido here for the first time tonight. The techniques are very different that the way we do them at home, but I'm excited to learn something new. By the time class was done, though, I was completely exhausted and hungry, and still had a 45 minute ride home on the train. Two weeks of inactivity have taken their toll. I could have eaten dinner in Porter Square (near the dojo), but knowing that I had food at home and being unemployed for now I decided to be good. I'm going to have to be careful--once work starts, it will be easy to spread myself too thin again, and it somehow doesn't feel safe to be walking around Boston while exhausted and hungry.

Rosie has been coming out of hiding more and more each day. She was completely traumatized by the trip across country, and still tenses at every little noise the neighbors make. Since we arrived, she has been hiding in a kitchen cabinet behind the basket of rice so that no one can find her but me. It really makes my day when she darts out of hiding to come and give me some drive by love, hunkering low to the ground to stay relatively hidden. At least she doesn't hate my guts.


Ostentatious Transitioning Sophist said...

Ok, here is the only time that I will say this; Reno has better weather right now. We had a high of 45-50 and sunny skies all day, it was nice. So, how is that Aikido? Does the Dojo have a web page? How did you find it? I know, questions rock. Have a great night!

gabe. said...