February 9, 2007

A Blog Worthy Day.

So, I failed at blogging while I was on the great trip across country. I have some tidbits and photos to come, as soon as I get settled in, but I wanted to document the day I had yesterday because it ruled.

I took my first ride on the bus here in Boston yesterday--Nan and I met and rode out to Roxbury to have breakfast at this awesome restaurant called The Haley House. The food was incredible, but the premise behind the restaurant even more so--they take homeless people off the street, give them a place to live and teach them how to bake/cook so that they can build their resume and get back on their feet again. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately--community building through food (mostly gardening), and I think this place is rad. If you can, you should go support them.

After breakfast, Nan and I walked over to the high school where Joe works and got to sit in on a class. This particular school operates under charter status, and the atmosphere there is really cool--the class style is more informal than I am used to, and the students seem to have a degree of freedom and respect not usually offered at public schools. It felt more like a supportive environment and less like a prison than any other school I've ever seen. The Principal knew every student by name.

The real reason for our visit was to see a drum clinic given by Brian Viglione (of Dresden Doll fame). He arrive a little late, so Nan and I helped him schlep his drum equipment into the auditorium and get set up. There were about 20 or 30 kids that showed up, and I wish more had come because Brian was awesome. He started it as kind of a more formal thing, talking mostly about giving your own voice to everything you do, and having a few of us come up one at a time to play a simple drum beat on his kit to demonstrate how each person sounds very different. Most of the kids were too shy to go on stage, but Nan and I were first in line. Brian was super enthusiastic about the whole thing, and by the end, every kid in the room was up on stage with a drumstick, jamming with Brian and banging on whatever they could find. It was so loud you could hear it throughout the whole school, and the jam lasted for more than an hour. There were even kids break dancing in the background. I have never seen so many high school kids participating in art like this, and it was awesome. Thank you Brian--it was truly a great afternoon.

Sometime during the ruckus, I had to leave to take a phone call--one that would decide whether or not GeneLogic, the company that I interviewed with on Monday would hire me. To my utter amazement, not only did they hire me, but the offered me $14,000 more than I was making at my previous job. I couldn't believe it. Somewhere, someone was pulling for me today. Thank you whoever was sending me good vibes--you have made this day awesome.

To celebrate, we all went out to sushi, and our entire order came in a giant pirate ship. What better way to celebrate than eating pirate booty fish out of a boat. mmmmm. So, if you were worried whether things were going well, they are. No more worrying--its a waste of time anyway. I'll see you when you come visit me.


Mo said...

In my biased opinion, they are the lucky ones....to have you working with them....

A powerful river of love, concern, and positive energy flows to you each day- from West to East- from those people who just love you, like me.

Just go to it when need be....

Ostentatious Transitioning Sophist said...

Erica, I am so glad that you like it there! Your adventures have inspired me to create a change as well so I am moving too. I will email you with all of the details, but I am glad to see that good things still happen to good people. Keep us updated as to what is happening, and may greatness continue to fall upon you like a spring shower!