May 14, 2009

5 things that make me happy (for this rainy thursday).

1. The penetrating scent of caramel, caffeine and smoke that descends on my neighborhood most afternoons around 1 p.m. when Santropol is roasting coffee. It almost makes me fall off my bike.

2. Speaking of bikes...Lovely, lovely spring weather + zippy red bike + Montreal's kick-ass bike lanes = yes. I bike to school, to the market, to the dojo, to just about anywhere. I heart Montreal.

3. Kitty face pressed against the glass in the front door in anticipation of my home coming. It is particularly cute when it is Rosie's face, but hey, I won't discriminate against the Miles either. Trust me, this one melts my heart.

4. Fiddleheads, morels, asparagus at the market. That spring that the rest of you have been talking about for months now? Its here. (Finally). We may start late, but we come out kicking.

5. Being able to order at a restaurant or function at the market in French without seizing into one terrified, tongue-tied mess of an anglophone. Merci to the YMCA for helping a sista out. Why did I wait so long?

I didn't really NEED to stop at 5, but I have been seeing these cute little "pick-me-up" happiness lists on various blogs lately and just had to get in on all the fun. Want to tell me what makes you happy right now?

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