April 30, 2009

Where have I been?

BIG EYE, small eye

Slowly but surely warming my bones.
Baking. A lot. Cupcakes out my ears.
Falling asleep early at my own birthday party.
Riding my bike all over this town.
Apprendre le Francais. (and not being able to type the cedille or accent marks)
Hurting a bit.
Laughing a bit.
Crying a bit.
Connecting with that wise woman that lives somewhere between my prefrontal cortex and my limbic brain.
Making new friends.
Re-connecting with old ones.
Montreal Dinner Party.
Flipping around the mat like nobody's business.
Being in a state of perpetual kitchen-cleaning (see above).
Drinking beer.
Watching the market explode with new produce.
(Gingerly) taking photos again.
Feeling a lack of motivation half the days, and half of those, giving in to the urge to do nothing, the other half, kicking my butt into gear and just getting over it.
Being centered when I thought I could not possibly be.
Losing it when I really didn't want to.
Doing yoga, but not enough.
Taking advantage of my steam shower before it gets too hot to use it.
Breaking out the sandals and skirts, then abruptly putting them away again.
Missing my parents.
Rocking out.

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