February 9, 2009

Five kinds of cupcake (A bakesale in 5 acts)

Five kinds of cupcake
Four hours of baking*
Three trips to the car
Two bucks each
One dozen left
One successful bake-sale
One hundred thirty cupcakes sold
One happy girl

*Really, four hours is a gross underestimate and was used only to flow well with the rest of the post. It was really something like 8 or 9 hours all told, with making frosting and decorating the cupcakes. But whats a few hours here or there?

Cast of Characters:

Strawberry-filled vanilla
Mexican Chocolate
Chocolate raspberry
Erica, Ninja/Baker
Gabe, patient transporter/cupcake tester
Karl, car lender/ninja-skill teacher
Patrick, cupcake connoisseur
Trixie and Kate, cupcake peddler extraordinaires
good people of Montreal, willing cupcake consumers

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