November 19, 2008

Sugar Free (or is it high?)

So the pear tart is long gone, seeing how my last post was over a month ago. Apple cake? Check. Peanut butter-stuffed chocolate cookies? Check. Marshmallows? Check (both with and without a toasted coconut coat). Pumpkin Spice cupcakes with cinnamon frosting? Check. As are rosemary and parmesan biscotti (which I made sweet instead of savory), peanut butter crispy bars, cafe au lait cupcakes, masala chai hot chocolate mix, chai-spice chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin pie-esque oatmeal, and? I can't even remember anymore. There has been a lot of sugar running through my veins this household and I have had to tap into my competitive instincts to try to keep from speeding head-first into diabetic shock. I have offered myself a challenge.

No sugar for the rest of the month.

Except, you know, when a friend calls the day after to invite us over for home-made coffee cheesecake. Or when two friends are coming from out of town and I HAVE to bake cookies (in addition to buying that stupid plumb and frangipan tart I have been eyeballing for months now). Or, you know, when I have to bake this thing for my friend's birthday this weekend. Except for that, no sugar. (Oh yeah, and the random spoonful of sweet stuff that keeps making it into my morning cafe au lait or tea because I keep forgetting that I am off of sugar). Does it sound like somebody has a problem?

*Sigh. Okay. So maybe it isn't a PROBLEM per se. I see it more as a SIDE EFFECT of my great love of baking, of working for a cafe and of loving to make people smile. You know, just something that I am going to have to take for the team. That really isn't a problem, is it? (Oh shit...I just remebered what STEP 1 is. Damn. Maybe I DO have a problem).

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