July 13, 2008

Not homeless.

I'm wagging my tail today, big time, Labrador style. We found an apartment, not two days after my return to Montreal. A friend of a friend is spending the next year or more with his wife and soon to be baby in Italy and needed someone to live in his (incredible) apartment. Cheap. Furnished (which I would normally shy away from, but do we really need to buy stuff right now? No.). We (gabe + me + the kitties + our one backpack full of possesions) move in tomorrow. Damn. Life is weird, no?

Now we just have the problem of the Boston apartment...I obviously can't keep everything that I have, and I can't take everything I would like to keep. I have some serious culling of shit to do. Does anyone want to come over for some beers/box packing sometime like around the second week of August?

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