May 23, 2008

No Picture Attached.

This post has no picture (or strings) attached. I wanted to remind myself of something and so I share with you. I happened upon this blog again today (one that I had seen in the past) and I am again struck by its awesomeness.

I sometimes feel really stagnant in my creative life. I work, I go to Aikido, I go home. I have been really excited by the prospect of taking pictures every day (especially when I can get out of my rut and not take a picture just for the sake of taking a picture). I guess this would be my version of "create something new every day." I know that I can go farther though. Baking has fallen by the wayside lately (and the food blog never really got off the ground). I need my mojo back, and I am glad that I was reminded.

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Teri said...

hey erica! it's teri (keren's friend from montreal). i just found your blog address in a random book in my bookcase. i thought i'd drop a note and say hi.

lovely pictures, by the way. let me know the next time you come up here. it'd be nice to see you guys again.