May 11, 2008

Moving Sale.

080511, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

Sunday, May 11 on Chestnut Ave. Lots of furniture and books! Great deals! (Yeah, dude who got my printer, you know who you fucking lucked out. You had better print photos EVERY DAY.) Electronics! (Why would no one even look at my Wireless router? Or my microwave?).

It feels good to clean house. Last time I moved, I held on to a lot of stuff. The problem with holding onto stuff (in the physical sense) is that you hold onto stuff (in the mental/spiritual sense). Yeah. I'm excited to try plan B this time...get rid of it all. Who wants to drag a freaking microwave or flower vase or shoe cube up to Canada anyway? Ick.

Let your cup empty so that it may become full. And then? Fill it with wine (:

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