May 22, 2008


080516, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

This photo has the obvious connotation, "Life is like..."

This Friday, it really was true.

We woke up late. Ate a wonderful breakfast. Had tea and cake on the balcony. Piddled around for a while (Gabe did some work while I tracked down an iron and got it into working order so that I could have a fresh shirt for my *job interview*). I made cherry clafouti and some lunch. We ate said clafouti and lunch. I got dressed, interviewed for a job, came home to dinner and a bottle of wine and lots of hugs. I couldn't ask for a better day (except the interview stress, I guess).

Things are a little nerve-wracking right now. The interview went well, but I am just one of over a hundred applicants. A good one ("perfect for the job," in his words), but had the added crutch of needing a Canadian work visa. *sigh. I am just going to let it all go, though. What will be will be. A Science job was supposed to be plan B in any case (albeit, the smarter, safer plan B). Nonetheless, could you send some good energy my way? I am starting to stress a little.

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