May 7, 2008

Cat in Box With Camera Failure.

080505, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

I would like to call this next Opus "Cat in Box With Camera Failure." Notice the cuteness of my girl kitty as she plays Pirate of the Seven Seas in a dingy that is far, far too small for her. (Seriously, I don't know what it is about empty boxes and cats, but sheesh. Who says that you need to spend money on cat toys?).

Next, I would like to draw your attention to the hideous vertical lines transversing the photo (not to mention the horrid yellow tinge resulting from my previously mentioned apartment lighting, but that, my friend, is another post altogether). See those damn lines? See them??? That is what I would like to call "Camera Failure," (not to be confused with "Operator Error") I have called my trusty camera expert (who is also my computer expert, my seed expert, my tea expert, my aikido expert, and generally all things of which I know nothing expert) and his diagnosis is battery failure. We will attempt to alleviate the symptoms by surgically removing said batteries (or really, just popping open the camera and taking them out) and replacing them with new and improved BIONIC batteries. We will see if this fixes the matter. There is not much hope. But we will wait and see. For now, I will just have to pretend it is art.

I MEANT to take that picture crappy. See? It is just for the ARTISTIC VALUE. You don't know ANYTHING. Its ART. It is SUPPOSED to look that way.

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