May 27, 2008

Stripes on the Grass

080527, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

A haiku:

The T was burning
down so I took pictures of
the striped grass instead.

Okay, so my poetess skills blow. Yeah. The T. It is such a love:hate relationship. I love it when it works and hate it when it doesn't (or in the summer, when there is no air conditioning. Or at rush hour when I have to cram into a car with 150 other pissed of bodies. Or when some homeless dude feels it is okay to use that particular car as his own private urinal. Or when I live in JP and want to see a movie in Brookline). Okay. Maybe the relationship is more hate than love.

Still. I could smell the smoke of the electrical fire at Park Street all the way up at Porter Square. I was a bit inconvenienced to get off at Harvard and listen to a guy yell at the driver of the #69 bus because the #1 bus hadn't stopped at that stop for more than an hour. What the driver of the 69 could do, I don't know, but I don't think she really deserved this guy's wrath. I felt bad for everyone...for the poor T that was burning down (not really...the fire was small), for the pissed off passengers, the pissed off bus drivers, the T personnel having to direct the pissed off passengers toward the pissed off bus drivers, me for having to listen to all of the drama. *sigh. I decided not to buy into it.

I took pictures of the stripes on the grass, instead.

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