April 23, 2008


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Sometimes it amazes me how beautiful some of the things I work with are...there are so many things that I always want to photograph but I am sure I would be breaking some sort of confidentiality agreement or something if I did. Dumb. I never want to work for a place like that again. Just saying.

I also find it kind of sick that this stuff is so beautiful. I mean, those are real drugs we flush down the drain; heavy duty plastics we are throwing away; really, really toxic stuff that we work with. I don't find joy in that. It hurts my heart every single time I put something in my biohazard bin (By the way, biomedical waste is the number one source of dioxin in the environment. There is not a single lactating mother on the planet, including Inuit women in the the most remote parts of Alaska, that does not have dioxin in her breastmilk. This shit is bad.) Really, I do not find joy in it at all. I don't feel like the drugs that I play with on a daily basis are helping people. Pills are not the answer. Cleaning up our environment and our food chain is the answer. Stop putting so much dioxin in the atmosphere and maybe people won't get so sick. Just saying.

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