April 28, 2008

Ninja Baby.

080428, originally uploaded by Erica the Ninja.

This is Rook, the ninja baby. He is growing way way way too fast (and crawls now!). He always makes me smile when I am at the dojo, and most of the time, I can make him smile too. He moves around too much for me to get a clean shot of him though (:

It has been really interesting for me to have to pick a photo to post even when I sometimes don't like any of the photos that I took that day. It forces me to take a step back and not be so critical of my photography. I mean, this picture isn't technically very good (there is a lot of pixelation and blur), but I liked the movement and the expression on his face; he kind of looks like a painting. Photography is a good lesson in letting go. Not every picture is going to be awesome, and that is okay, just like in life...you can't win them all.

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