October 17, 2007

Sometimes There are Better Things To do Than Write a Blog

Wow. Almost one month to the day since my last post. I am seriously slacking. I was scanning my blogger dashboard and found a lot of good blog beginnings, but not many that I actually finished. I guess sometimes there are better things to do than write a blog.

I have been doing a lot of cooking/baking lately, as it has become my favorite creative outlet. There is nothing like making someone happy with a big plate of cookies when you feel like shit (and the cookies themselves don't really hurt either). I bought a new cookbook by Heidi Swanson which is completely amazing and have been working my way through it. I totally recommend checking it out, or at least stopping by her blog. She is my new diva of food.

My neighbor, David, has been smoking most of his life and has decided that it is time to quit and get healthy. He is a good cook, but doesn't feel like he knows how to cook healthy food well. He confessed to me that he smells my cooking every night and now wants me to teach him everything I know. I am a little bit intimidated (am I qualified for this???) but totally excited. Food isn't as much fun if you can't share it with someone.

For my Reno-bound friends and loved ones, I'll have you know that the "New England Fall" that you have all been asking me about has officially come, albeit, not as pretty as usual (as everyone at work keeps trying to explain to me). Whatever. Every day I can't help but pick up a few leaves on my way to work--my desk is plastered with them. I am completely amazed at how each one is always different from the others, and how these vivid greens, yellows, oranges, reds and purples can co-exist in so many infinite combinations, many times on the same leaf. Lovely.

Fall in Montreal came slightly earlier than in Boston, and I really enjoyed the crisp air this last weekend. Time to haul out the heavy blankets. And I can't believe that we are approaching the end of October (didn't fall just start???).

Speaking of which, Gabe and I have decided to prepare an "American Style" Thanksgiving dinner for all of our friends in Montreal. Canada has its own Thanksgiving (on Columbus Day) but I am told that it is really different from the traditional American one. The guest list is already at 10 people and we are starting to wonder if we are in over our heads. I don't think we even have enough plates or chairs for that many people, but it should be an adventure.

And, on another note, I really hurt my back (which I think might warrant a doctor's visit this time...oops), so I haven't really been training a lot of Aikido these past few weeks. I am hoping that the swimming and yoga that I have been doing will help so that it can go away on its own. Stupid back.

Until next time.

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