September 17, 2007

It is getting to be fall.

The air smells nice like dead leaves and smoke and cold. It is getting to be fall, which rules. But, almost fall means almost winter. Ug. Not ready.

Raj will be here tomorrow. Wow. Another Reno transplant to play with for a while. Raj rules, and I can't wait. Veggie Planet, anyone?

And, I was supposed to start a yoga class last week but couldn't because I didn't have a mat (someone stole mine from my desk at work--dumb). While in Montreal this weekend, I popped into a yoga shop to check out their mats. Either Canadians are stupid (which has been disproved time and time again) or this store sucked, because the mat that I saw (which was admittedly awesome) was $70. Um. Yeah. I could think of about a million things that I could spend $70 on that would be better than a yoga mat. Like a couple of weeks worth of groceries. Or some new toys for my kitties. Or some rides to Montreal. Yeah. I think I will take my mat dollars elsewhere.

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