August 14, 2007

T-Minus Six Days and Counting.

I am so excited to come home that I am dancing in my pants. Wagging my tail, even, like a big huge Labrador. I have to say, making one's own way is great, but sometimes a girl just misses her family. And Reno, you are my family.

I got to see a friend Keren this weekend who I haven't seen in a while. It was awesome. We traipsed around Montreal checking out the cool art at the Biodome and searching for a beach that just wouldn't materialize. We got hot and dusty and ate good cheese, fruit, and bread, then had some beers at the best brewpub IN THE WORLD. Seriously. I don't know how I'm ever going to settle for Silver Peak again. MMMMM. All handmade, all very, very good. Hypnotique (Vanilla and chocolate porter). Cask beer. Pepper beer. Belgians. Reds. IPAs. Smoked Red Ale (like barbecue in a glass). Oh my god.

Speaking of barbecue, there is one. On Sunday the 26th. At my dad's house. You should come. Email me if you don't know how to get there. Yes, there will be chorizos and beer for those of you waxing nostalgic over my graduation party. Its gonna be awesome.

And the puppies! My hairy sibilings! I am coming to throw the ball for you and get covered in slober and hair and love. Just be patient. Six. More. Days.

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