July 1, 2007

The Haps.

Snippets of a life in progress:

Carolyn came back and I couldn't be more excited (unless she were here instead of there).

Busted a tire on my bike and had to leave it at the T-Stop in Roxbury as I was late to work. Was afraid that I wouldn't have a bike that evening. Turns out I did. Thank you, people, for not stealing my bike in one of the worst areas of town.

Bought a helmet. Could tempt fate no longer.

Rode out to Sommerville for a party that was actually in Watertown. oops. Found our way eventually and ate awesome shrimp/scallop skewers and fruit salad. Drank beer and lemonade. Enjoyed the first real party that I have been invited to since moving here. Have several mosquito bites to remind me of that night.

Enjoyed the not-too-hotness yesterday by taking a walk to the harbor with Gabe. Ate a ridiculously expensive dinner and enjoyed every second of it, even if we will be living on ramen for the rest of the month (not really).

Have been waking up at 3 a.m. every day to what sound like gun shots. Thank you, rude neighbor, for blasting off your fireworks at all hours of the night and scaring my cats. You rule.

Brunch on the patio.

Reading Shantaram and you should too. Fucking intense.

Missing lake tahoe right about now. Counting down the days until August.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.


gabe. said...

Yay ramen!

Keren said...

erica! i miss you! when are you going to be on the west again? i'll come visit you...

also, i will be in montreal and NYC for a week (total) from August 6-13 (NYC, then Montreal)... can you meet me somewhere??


Keren said...

also, where is carolyn??? in reno or boston? have her call me! i have my same cell number. you call me, too.

rajbot said...

My friend Dan Gingold told me to check out Shantaram as I had read a book called MAXIMUM CITY which was very excellent.