June 21, 2007

Bike Ridin'

The weather has been gorgeous and I have been riding my bike to work, which for me is a feat--about an hour on the bike each day. I feel great. I might be tempting fate, though, riding through the middle of the city with no helmet and through the middle of Roxbury after dark. Every time I try to hit up the bike store, though, its closed. Stupid bike people.

I started taking a french class last week, so that I don't feel so stupid when I go to Montreal. My professor is this cool guy from Africa named Cherif, and he really seems to love teaching. I don't really expect to come out of this class speaking french...I'm more here to learn the basics. We'll see.

A la prochaine.


Danger Girl said...

Agghg! Wear a helmet!!! Don't make me worry about you it makes me sad!!
I have been riding a lot too, so get one or I will mail you one! Your choice! love you =]

Laraine said...

Keep up the good work.