April 8, 2007

Feeling Domestic.

Easter = not my favorite holiday.

Easter = ~lame if age > 9 years old.

Easter could go away for all I care...


Easter = a good excuse to bake things.

Saturday I made a wicked (yes, I went there) brunch for Joe and Nan. Complete with scones (yum) with preserves (yum yum) and cream (heaven). We ate ourselves silly, then napped on the couch while eating chocolate and watching the Triplets of Bellville. What a way to spend the afternoon.

Today, the baking urge had not subsided, so I planned out a week's worth meals and trekked my ass to the grocery store (which I guess was needed--refer to my activities in previous paragraph). Instead of cleaning my house today, I whipped up a mean vegetarian cassoulet tonight and some lemon sunflower seed poppy seed bread/cake thing that is amazing. I'm on a roll and i have a new cookbook burning a hole in my apron. Contact me if you want to eat something yummy. I'm sure a deal could be arranged.

Have an awesome week.

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