January 29, 2007

My house is about 75% packed.

Miles is freaking out. He knows that he's in for some shit in the next couple of days. We leave early a.m. Tuesday morning. Wyoming. Boulder. Des Moines. Chicago. Somewhere. Boston. Sheesh.

I have an interview for a job the day after I get there. Please, please, please let me get this one. I'm starting to feel the pinch of being unemployed for the last month (though, I must say, my mind feels much much better lately). The company sounds really awesome. Oh yeah, and I got the apartment (sans 5 months rent up front) and it was $100 cheaper than I was originally told. Score.

In other news, the Prius-selling idea I mentioned in the last blog has become a reality. I have decided that I don't need it in Boston and can save approximately $500 a month (or more) by just riding my bike or taking the T to work. I can't wait to get in shape bumming around the city and read more books while I commute to work (though I'm not looking forward to the cold). AAAAAAHHHH! I can't believe I'm leaving in one day.

Okay, I need to pack. I have entirely too much crap. It is ridiculous the little things we accumulate in our lives and have the need to hold on to. I have a feeling there will be a second mass-purge when I get to Boston. "Just let it go" I keep telling myself. That is, until I forget and I start throwing everything in the box anyway just to get done with the whole thing. Just let it go. You don't need it.

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Em said...

I'm so glad you got the apartment and are on your way!! Safe travels!