January 9, 2007


I lost it this morning. I think it finally hit me that: 1) I don’t have a job OR an apartment, 2) I really miss the kitties and everyone else, 3) I haven’t been away from home this long in a really long time, 4) Boston is really far away from Reno, 5) it is raining and really shitty outside, and 6) I have been too sick to be dealing with all of this. I cried.. Oh, boy did I cry. I think I scared my mom a little.

I have prepared myself for this already. I know that it is going to be really difficult for me when I first get here, and I have allowed myself some time to freak out. I am kind of like a cat in that sense–if you re-arrange the furniture, it bothers me. The furniture of my life is being re-arranged big time right now.

Joe, Nan and I went to a yoga class at the community center, which I really needed. The room was small and the class moved at just my kind of pace–slow flowing movement with each pose being held for several breaths. Afterward, we went to James’s Gate for some food, beers, and trivia night. We didn’t win, but had a great time. I think we are going to make a standing date on Monday nights to go to yoga then trivia night, which makes me happy.

In that same vein, I’m feeling a little guilty about not finding an aikido dojo yet. All of the main schools here are really far away from JP, and since I’ve been sick, it is really a task to get there. I’m worried that I won’t be able to train as much as I want to. I guess if it is important enough, I will figure it out. I’m hoping that one will be close to my job, which will make it easier-- I can’t imagine not training.

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