November 19, 2006


I made plans a few months ago to visit my friend Megan in Oakland. Little did I know then that 1) Reno would be seriously sucking this month and I would really, really need the trip, and 2) this would be the last trip to visit before I move East. It was awesome. I only spent one night, but that was all that was needed. Got a haircut from Megan and ate the MOST AWESOME vegan sushi/japanese food at this restaurant in Berkeley called Cha-Ya. We had to wait like an hour to get in the place, but if you are ever in Berkeley, it is worth the wait. I had one of their dinner specials with miso soup, cucumber salad, rice, veggie tempura (which was awesome) and this vegetable sukiyaki thing that was incredible. I kept watching them bring out sushi rolls for everyone in the restaurant (which can only fit about 20 people) and everything looked amazing and fresh. I can't wait to go back.


gabe said...

vegan sushi?
how does that work?

uchi deshi said...

Thanks for your congrats! Good luck back east. Keep up the Aikido!